Modular Kitchen

Our in – house Modular Kitchen manufacturing facility that produces a wide range of more than 100 designs. Equipped with comprehensive State – of – Art machinery for Routing, Drilling, Edge banding, Hot pressing laminate on the board, etc, the speedy manufacturing process allows us to meet the market demands general hardware in a cost – effective manner.

Our Products are full of efficient functionality with their extraordinarily beautiful designs and glossy finish. It’s sinks allows you fast drainage of water with virtually, no accumulation of water on surface of washing area. We also offer a wide range of chimneys designed to make your kitchen smoke-free and grime-free.

All function and no fashion would make the furniture dull and for that reason our skilled and dedicated team of designers takes care of what is in and what is not. Our products and service will guarantee you satisfaction in Supreme Quality, Latest Technology, Easy maintenance, Aesthetic Designs. Modular Kitchens make cooking a celebration. This is because subtle nuances of environmental psychology are taken into consideration while designing Modular Kitchens.

A unit is dedicated for every use you will put to your kitchen. Especially dedicated units for the storage of utensils and groceries came as a part of any standard packages. What you will really benefit from is our specially designed kitchen where each unit is placed to complement its usage and gives ease of use. This makes it the ideal choice for kitchen of all sizes and layouts. Keen attention has been paid to the height of the wok platform and placement of the units. All this is done with a view to guarantee a comfortable working posture and hence less fatigue.

We continually focus on providing highest quality products at affordable prices. Our primary strength lies in the quality of products, customization as per requisites and attention to every single detail ensuring a perfect, timely and satisfactory execution.

Hardware & other components

Crafted to perfection, these profiles are available in various sizes and specifications to meet your plans. Highly durable and imaginative as they are, these profiles are capable of giving your project the desired shape and achieving complete satisfaction. At HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN, we don’t see hinges just as an object of hardware. Hinges actually serve as a link, acting like a mediator and connecting two different aspects. We strive to establish and maintain greater linkages and relations with our associates. And our hinges act as our ambassador. The better we make them, the better our relationships will be.


Electric chimneys are an efficient way of removing smoke and odor compared to exhaust fans from a kitchen. For one thing, an exhaust fan will remove the fumes from your kitchen but not before it goes to your eyes. An electric chimney, on the other hand, is your ticket to cooking wholesome tadka meals without suffering from watery eyes.

The other advantage is that it will save the ceiling (area right above the gas) from being marked with everything you’ve cooked in the week. There are two types of chimneys that you can choose from – traditional and designer. The traditional is for the utilitarian users, who want a chimney purely for their smoke absorbing abilities, while the designer chimneys are for those who along with the utilitarian aspect, want a chimney that enhances the decor of their kitchen. An electric chimney is a kitchen appliance that is used to remove smoke, fumes, steam, and odors that are produced during cooking. It is typically installed over the stove or cooktop and uses a fan and filter to suck in the air and expel it outside the kitchen or recirculate it after purifying it through a filter. This not only helps to keep the kitchen air clean and fresh but also prevents the buildup of grease and grime on kitchen walls and ceilings. Additionally, electric chimneys can also be a stylish addition to modern kitchens, with sleek designs and LED lighting options that can enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

Stainless Steel Sinks


HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN presents a wide range of Built-in Hobs manufactured using advanced technology whilst paying particular and constant attention to quality. With modern streamline looks and most advanced features, like flame failure device for maximum safety, triple ring burner for faster cooking and multi spark auto ignition for freedom from matchsticks, these hobs are designed to give the pleasure of cooking to Indian women. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka. To make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen. Keeping in mind this fact we will launching Cooktops with Indian Brass burners, to prepare a perfect Indian meal.

Water Purifier

We also deal in RO /water purification spare parts namely membrane, filter, buster pump, water control System. We have various ranges of purifiers with us that are very easy to operate and maintain. The best way of leading a healthy life is to take water in its pure form and for achieving this; one must install a water purifier or RO system at his place. In fact the most important thing to probe is the purifying techniques that will provide your family 100% pure and healthy water, free from dissolved impurities while maintaining essential minerals. It is the most common technique used to purify water during the rainy season. Some of the water purifiers are also based on electronic boiling. Boiling water can destroy bacteria & viruses but it fails to remove dissolved impurities like pesticides, rust and harmful salts. The logic is simple – if you boil water containing dissolved sugar/salt, the water will remain sweet/salty only. Thus boiling does not remove dissolved impurities from boiled water which can still affect our health.