“HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN” is rapidly becoming a household name all over North India. At HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN, we make your kitchen organization simpler, more manageable and attractive portion of your home. HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN is designed to provide an ideal alternative to expensive modular kitchens and unreliable traditional carpenter’s kitchen. It combines economy and reliability.

A kitchen is one of the important rooms of your home and undoubtedly its interiors are further as important as other rooms. These days many new concepts have been adapted by the people in the terms of kitchen interior designs. This new concept has been termed as “Modular Kitchen” and it suggests to be made up of several modules which collectively form a design. Modular kitchens make our work easier and cooking food becomes fun. It also adds a touch of glamour to your modular kitchen interiors.

HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN is the most trusted name in the field of Modular kitchen in Haldwani. We offer best services in the region. After years of experience and thorough understanding of customers needs, HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN through its innovative design team have re-engineered certain features of modular kitchens to suit the Indian requirements. HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN offers the best Modular Kitchen and expert consultancy for kitchen management. The unique custom-made designs make the HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN products most appropriate for almost every kitchen.

We discover imaginative and creative designs for public corporate projects and residential projects in an inspired way. We always endeavor to give unique presentations over our committed projects. Our projects vary from large showroom to small residence. We take each and every project as an opportunity to deliver our artistic power. Our name itself expresses our work up shot that makes you satisfy.

HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN is having a motivated and dedicated team which enable us to get the pride of customer satisfaction. There is a set of processes involved in the of making a modular kitchen, which consists of the site visit, physical measurements, designing, discussion, finalization, ordering for manufacturing, dispatch and then finally installation at your home. From initial stage of designer kitchen, design and manufacturing till final installation of designer kitchen, we understand the importance of the best delivery on time with quality service of designer kitchen.

Our Kitchen Designers chosen the best raw materials and fashioned them in the styles best suited to your type of modern living. We have given magnificent colors to interior design bedrooms and finishes to make the most exciting Modular rooms in your home as well as well as the easiest to work in, the easiest to maintain and fresh-as-new for many years to come.

Our first and most important goal is our customer satisfaction. We understand that you will take immense happiness in showing your designer kitchen to your friends and relatives, and we hope you will be certain to suggest us to them. For this reason expertise in designing, manufacturing and installation is really important for us, so we can deliver the quality designer kitchen to our customers.

HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN designed kitchen for aesthetic looks, comfort, functionality, dimensional flexibility, choice of colours, textures and accessories to match an individual customers lifestyle and needs. We provide the Indian & Italian designs with the collaboration of reputed Indian and German hardware and accessories manufacturers and suppliers.

We provide kitchen design and assembling of Kitchen & Wardrobe material for commercial & residential sectors. Interior designers, architects, engineers and builders with project management needs can benefit from the kitchen design and assembling of products services. Using traditional and modern design techniques, we provide complete design and assembling of Kitchen & Wardrobe material services for a range of kitchens. Kitchen Cabinets, Shutters, Hardware, accessories.

Through onsite assessments we estimate the scope of the design project and provide creative and innovative design services for commercial and residential interiors. The kitchen cabinets and furniture accessories supplied by us are available in a range of styles and designs.

To provide Modular Kitchen for convenience & maximize available space available functionality without compromising style. And not surprisingly, planning a kitchen seems to have become as important a task as furnishing and decorating a home. Without doubt, a kitchen should be well-planned, to save time and energy for those who work in it. But designing a kitchen or remodeling, while being fun, is an infinitely daunting task. We select only materials of the highest quality.

Giving The Priority to Customer Satisfaction through relentless efforts in providing better products & services. The Force or the main strength of HINDUSTAN MODULAR KITCHEN is the force what we possess for not only the numbers but also their commitment and satisfaction. We believe that our relationship with our customer is a partnership and that each customer has specific needs. We enjoy the goodwill of our customers and this inspiring spirit motivates us to provide customer satisfaction, which is our motto. We have customer satisfaction approach to conducting business sustained by the fact we constantly endeavor to get a first hand feedback from our customers.

Wash Basin

Coloured water resistant laminated cabinets for single glass wash basins

Wooden water resistant warnet coloured cabinets for double glass wash basins

Plain coloured water resistant cabinets for double glass wash basins

Stylish water resistant double glass wash basins